How to create a Bracket with Predictions?

Crafting Your Pick'em Bracket

A step-by-step guide for creating an Online Predictions Tournament.

Common Ninja's Bracket Maker provides an efficient and user-friendly platform for crafting your Prediction (Pick'em) Bracket online. This versatile tool is perfect for hosting various online prediction tournaments and competitions, ensuring an engaging and fair experience for participants

Are you planning to host an exhilarating online prediction tournament with a Prediction Bracket? Your quest is over! This all-inclusive, step-by-step guide will lead you through utilizing the Common Ninja Bracket Editor to effortlessly craft, personalize, and initiate your Prediction Bracket competition. Whether you're predicting game results, sports events, or any other contest, these instructions will streamline the entire procedure.

Part 1: Setting Up Your Prediction Bracket

  1. Access Common Ninja's Bracket Editor: Begin by accessing Common Ninja's Bracket Editor.
  2. Enable the Prediction Feature: To get started, you need to enable the Prediction feature for your bracket. This option is typically available for Single Elimination, Double Elimination, and March Madness bracket formats. You can do this on the welcome screen or change the bracket type in the Settings screen.
  3. Configure Start and End Dates: To ensure a smooth tournament experience, it's crucial to set the start and end dates for voting. This step is essential to kick off your tournament successfully. Enter the Prediction Settings and specify these dates.

Part 2: Customizing Your Prediction Bracket

  1. User Registration: Consider whether you want to allow only registered users to make predictions. To enable user registration, navigate to the Prediction section and choose identification methods, such as Email and Full Name.
  2. Ranking Table: In the Settings section, you can enable the Ranking Table. This feature displays a leaderboard of users' predictions, adding a competitive element to your bracket.
  3. Customization Options: Explore customization options, such as customizing the 'Button Text' for the voting button and choosing identification methods based on IP address, computer, or email and password authentication.
  4. Unique Links: Engage users further by providing unique links that display their predictions, which they can follow and share. You can also decide whether users are allowed to modify their predictions after submission.

Part 3: Administering Your Prediction Bracket

  1. Setting Winners: As each round concludes, you'll need to set the winners for each match in the 'Games' section. Simply enter the match details and select the appropriate winner in the 'Winner' field.
  2. Calculating Rankings: After each round, it's essential to calculate the ranking of users' predictions. In the 'Prediction Settings' section, click on the 'Calculate Ranking' button to process predictions based on newly set results. User rankings will be updated accordingly.
  3. Repeating the Process: Continue setting winners and calculating rankings after every round to keep the competition fair and engaging.


Creating and managing a Prediction Bracket enhances the excitement of your tournament, making it interactive and competitive for participants. By following the steps in this comprehensive guide, you can confidently craft, customize, and administer your Prediction Bracket, providing an unforgettable experience for your audience. So, get ready to challenge your participants' predictive skills and host a memorable tournament!