How to create a Round Robin Bracket?

Crafting Your Round Robin Bracket

A step-by-step guide for creating a Round Robin Online Tournament.

Common Ninja's Bracket Maker offers an efficient and user-friendly platform for creating Round Robin Brackets online. This versatile tool is ideal for organizing a wide range of online tournaments, competitions, and events using the Round Robin format, ensuring a comprehensive and captivating competition experience for all participants.

Are you eager to host a thrilling online tournament using a Round Robin Bracket format? Your search ends here! This comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of creating, customizing, and launching your Round Robin Tournament with ease using the Common Ninja Bracket Editor. Whether you're organizing a gaming showdown, a sports event, or any other competition, follow these instructions to ensure a seamless tournament experience.

Getting Started:

  1. Access Common Ninja's Bracket Maker: Start by accessing Common Ninja's Bracket Maker, a user-friendly platform designed for creating Round Robin Brackets.
  2. Select the Round Robin Format: In the editor, choose the Round Robin format, which can typically be selected from the welcome screen or the settings section.
  3. Entering Participant Information: Enter the details of all participants in your tournament, ensuring that everyone is accounted for.

Customization and Settings:

  1. Visual Customization: Customize the appearance of your bracket. Common Ninja's Bracket Maker and similar tools offer options to change colors, fonts, and other visual elements to match your tournament's theme or branding.
  2. Layout Selection: Consider the layout of your bracket. You may have layout options to choose from, which can affect the overall presentation of the Round Robin Bracket.

Managing Matches:

Overseeing Matches: As the tournament progresses, keep track of the matches and determine the winners of each round. This step is vital for maintaining the accuracy and fairness of the competition.

Starting Your Tournament:

Initiating Your Round Robin Tournament: Once all participant details are entered, customizations are made, and you're satisfied with the setup, start your tournament by clicking the "Start Tournament" button, usually located in the top right corner of the editor.

Important Notes:

Post-Tournament Adjustments: After starting the tournament, specific elements like the tournament type, participant additions or removals, changes in the order of matches, and accepting join requests may be restricted. Therefore, it's essential to finalize all settings before initiating the competition.


With this step-by-step guide, you've mastered the art of creating a Round Robin Bracket for your online tournament. Whether it's a sports extravaganza, an esports championship, or any competitive event, Common Ninja's Bracket Maker simplifies the process, providing a comprehensive and engaging platform for evaluating participants' abilities. Elevate your tournament experience and showcase the true potential of your competitors with Round Robin Brackets.